Ministry At Home

Ouachita Healthy Living
June 17, 2019

AMITY, ARK. – Ouachita Healthy Living recently held its third seven-day, live-in lifestyle program. Each of the five participants expressed having acquired helpful knowledge and a desire to continue to incorporate it in their lives.

Classes were taught to explain the how and why each healing remedy is important, but there was so much more to fill each day – exercise, hydrotherapy class, simple gardening instruction, massage class and worship times together. Cooking class was a highlight each day in which all participated in preparing the meal they would eat that afternoon and the next day for breakfast.

Ouachita Healthy Living is under the direction of Carlos and Kathy Irizarry and takes place in their home which they had built with this plan in mind. The Irizarrys are both retired family practice physicians. Carlos has also become board certified in Lifestyle Medicine. There are several others who make up the teaching team and a few Ouachita Hills college students have helped. They exude youthful energy—a great ingredient for all involved.

Ouachita Healthy Living sessions will continue to occur twice a year, spring and fall. The next session will be Oct. 13-20, 2019. Contact information: 318.426.1843; email:; web address,

By Kathy Irizarry