Monticello’s Beloved Ms. Annie

A New Twist on Traditional Study Programs
June 17, 2019

MONTICELLO, ARK. – You can find her everywhere for Jesus: the Monticello Seventh-day Adventist Church, the health expo, family life seminar, vacation Bible school, evangelistic meetings and she will fill in for the nursing home ministry team if needed. Ms. Annie and her late husband moved from Little Rock to Monticello in 1979 and eventually found the recently built church. She recently retired from her offices as head deaconess and Sabbath school superintendent but is still working as the Sabbath school secretary.

This year Ms. Annie picked up Ellen G. White’s book Patriarchs and Prophets. She started telling some of her friends about reading it and one of her dear friends wanted a copy, so Ms. Annie found an old one in the office, but she wanted a new one. After looking into the cost, she decided to order a whole case and proceeded to announce she would also buy a case of the next one in the series, Prophets and Kings. “You’ll have to pass the hat for the next boxes,” she told us. And that’s the plan. After taking out five books for her interests, she gave the church the rest, knowing that books are a regular part of the cycle of evangelism throughout the year.

Forty interests and members have received copies and are being carefully recorded so we can offer them the next book in the Conflict of the Ages series before long. This project is planned to go through May 2020 with a new book being “released” every three months. Thank you Ms. Annie for loving Jesus and letting Him shine through you. We love you!

By Deborah Bush