Mountain View Pathfinders Support Blind Camp

April 10, 2024

MOUNTAIN VIEW, ARK. – In a heartwarming display of unity and compassion, the small group of Pathfinders from Mountain View Seventh-day Adventist Church came together in May 2023, to organize a walkathon, raising more than $500 to help provide a scholarship to attend summer camp through National Camps for Blind Children.

Esther Doss, North American Division deaf ministries coordinator Mountainview church Pathfinder leader, and her five students were inspired to organize this fundraiser after completing the braille honor in their weekly meetings. “The kids really loved everything about braille,” says Doss. “We practiced using a braille slate and stylus to punch the letters and learned a little about how to read this unique code. As we neared the end of the honor, we wanted to take it one step further and see how to really make this a special experience for them.”

Doss and her son thought about the idea of a walkathon while going around a half-mile walking track near their home. When she brought up the idea of using a walkathon to help send someone who is blind to camp, the Pathfinders were excited. “I saw the value of blind camp at Camp Yorktown Bay when I was younger,” says Doss. “When I told my Pathfinders about the joy on the faces of the campers, they jumped right in and started asking for pledges.”

The Pathfinder group reached out to their local community, inviting individuals, families and organizations to sponsor them for each half-mile lap they walked. Pledges started coming in, and the Pathfinders even got pledges for her dog, who was also participating!

On the day of the walkathon, the Pathfinders gathered with enthusiasm and a shared sense of purpose. The event was filled with smiles and laughter as students showed a sense of endurance that exceeded their leaders’ expectations. On average, each student walked six miles. This incredible fundraising effort not only showcases the determination and empathy of these kids, but also highlights their commitment to inclusivity and making a positive difference in the lives of others.

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By Brian Carlson
Christian Record, Digital Media Manager