My Hand in His

Placing Trust in God in All Things
February 25, 2019

DALLAS – My life changed one September day in 2016 when I learned my test results were positive for breast cancer. After a whirlwind of tests and doctors’ visits, I had surgery on Oct. 20. My father-in-law passed away on Oct. 26 and our family began planning his memorial. Chemotherapy, not in my original treatment plan, began Dec. 1.

Soon after, my mother's health began to decline. I went through a difficult chemotherapy process and my hair began to fall out. However, I was blessed not to have experienced the severity of the unpleasant effects that many people have, but that internal chemical warfare was no joke.

2017 rolled in and while I got used to a bald head, my son’s life was spared from a horrific car accident and my mother's health deteriorated. She passed away Feb. 20. We celebrated my son's wedding that spring, and I continued radiation treatment. Through it all I experienced an unexplainable peace! My prayer was, “Lord, I'm surprised but I know You are not, so I'm placing my hand in Yours and I ask that You guide me through this.”

I thank God that my doctors insisted I get my mammogram, and that the radiologist spotted the suspicious tissue despite no lumps nor external signals. I thank God for supportive family and friends, and dedicated and caring medical staff. I thank God for peace and His presence through it all! I want to encourage you that when you feel blindsided, know there is a God who is bigger than it all; One who sees your way through the mess. Trust Him!

By Janice Ford, Shepherdess Coordinator