Odessa Welcomes New Members

December 14, 2022

ODESSA, TEX. – The Odessa English Seventh-day Adventist Church recently celebrated the addition of two new church members. On Oct. 8, Devona and Gary Edwards from Andrews, Tex., gave their lives to Jesus through baptism and were welcomed into membership.

“I had a dream that Jesus was coming,” said Devona. “That day, I was sitting on the porch of our house and I felt it - the Holy Spirit impressed me to give my life to the Lord. I just knew I had to be baptized.”

Devona was raised in an Adventist home but left the faith early on when she got married and had a family of her own. However, she knew that God was always with her, and she felt He was calling her to come back to the fold. Last year, Gary and Devona started Bible studies, driving 80 miles on Wednesday evenings to meet with Abner Razon, Odessa English pastor. 

This was Gary’s first time being baptized, but he feels it is never too late to give your life to the Lord, even at a later age. He was also very supportive and instrumental in Devona’s decision to come back to the Lord. Gary and Devona were visibly happy as they entered the baptismal waters during the special ceremony and are thrilled to belong to the family of God.

“What a beautiful sight to see these individuals’ hand in hand, together, giving and surrendering their lives fully to Jesus,” said Razon. “There is true joy in heaven!” 


By Nef Razon