Online Learning

Texico Schools Go Online Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
July 22, 2020

CORRALES, N.M. – As the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic began, Texico quickly restructured to continue instruction for the 2019-2020 school year. Fortunately, our elementary students only took an extra week of spring break so their teachers could plan and reorganize their programs for online teaching.

Using tools like Zoom and  Google Classroom, teachers prepared packets, videos and interactive programs for students to use online. Many teachers were surprised to learn that they were already using these tools as a part of their curriculum, making the transition easier. Fortunately, the math, science and social studies textbooks had online resources which were also of benefit. Once online, instruction began, our student information system (SIS) became an important part of the infrastructure for delivering information to the students and receiving their completed work. Most exciting of all was the inclusion of live PE classes online, which allowed students to stay connected and active while at home. 

Sandia View Academy (SVA) has offered distance education since 2017, so they had the infrastructure in place to begin classes immediately after the spring break. No school days were lost as the SVA staff worked with the students to have them all participate online.  

There were some challenges, however, especially for parents who were working from home and supervising their children’s studies. Parents and teachers worked together to provide the best education and environments possible to finish off the school year at home. Many parents have reached out with expressions of thanks and appreciation for our Texico educators. 

“I want to applaud our school for making this online learning thing work. I had one child doing PE, another doing Bible and another doing math,” said a Sandia View Christian School parent.  “This was hectic for all of us, but praise God for our awesome principal, teachers and parents! It feels wonderful to have such a close-knit family.”

We are grateful to our teachers and administrators for their hard work and providing academic and spiritual growth during this unusual and unprecedented time. We covet your prayers!

By Derral Reeve

Education Superintendent