Ozark Adventist Academy

Students Participate in 10 Days of Prayer
April 27, 2021

GENTRY, ARK. – Ozark Adventist Academy conducted a 10 Days of Prayer event using the resources provided by the General Conference. Rather than ten consecutive days, the event was divided in half and held on school days for two weeks. A staff member and student teamed up to lead out each day.

The event concluded with a special program with musical numbers by the bell choir and ensembles. The student body participated in a foot washing and communion service which was followed by a testimony time where students and staff shared how they were blessed during the past two weeks.

Some students shared: “This 10 Days of Prayer has really touched me. Sometimes I feel my relationship with God is lukewarm. The 10 Days of Prayer has really brought me to think of who I am and my relationship to God.”

“No matter how many times we have fallen down, God never gets tired of us. He’s always behind us. He’s in front of us showing us the way. He’s behind us. He’s got our back and he’s beside us because he’s our friend.”

“The 10 Days of Prayer actually helped me to reevaluate myself as a person and how I represent God. Christianity is not about perfection but how we can reach that through Jesus.”

“Thankful for fresh starts with God.”

The program was livestreamed and can be viewed at Facebook.com/OzarkAdventistAcademy.

By Stephen Burton Superintendent of Schools