Ozark Outreach

Serving a Community of Students
October 19, 2018

OZARK, ARK. – Five years ago, the Clear Creek Baptist Association located in Ozark, Ark. contacted the Ozark Seventh-day Adventist Church’s pastor, Bryan Seymour, about using the church as a place to provide food for the students from Arkansas Tech University.

As the Ozark church is located just across the street from the university, the Clear Creek Baptist Association now uses our fellowship room with kitchen facilities to serve the students. They provide breakfast or lunch every Tuesday. They have included the Ozark church in the feeding of the students, and the church feeds the students twice a year. Usually, around 60 to 150 students are served each time. We have just completed our fifth year of service.

Our head elder is there to help facilitate in any way needed and the chaplain is available to visit and pray with them. As a church we feel it is an outstanding outreach to our Baptist friends and to the community. The students have become familiar with our church and with the help of the Holy Spirit, we pray that some of the students will find our church as their church home.

By Arlene Lewis