Perfectly Mixed

Helping Children Build Confidence and Love
April 27, 2021

LAWTON, OKLA. – I have lived through discrimination and realize bias of any kind is a form of bullying. If I felt it, so did many others, especially our children. I read an article about the effects of bullying and how they were leading to a spike in children’s suicides and my heart broke. God provided an opportunity for me to take a break from the workforce and Perfectly Mixed was born.

God laid that burden on my heart and I was moved to put pen to paper. I wanted to do my part to combat bullying and support our children by helping them build confidence and foster a love for themselves.

My prayer is that Perfectly Mixed, for children ages 2-10, will reach every child that has been treated with bias because of their nationality, culture or color of skin, especially the underprivileged child across the globe. I pray that this book will help parents talk to their children about any bullying they have experienced and the importance of inclusion. I am so excited to share this God-inspired book with every child in need.

By Maria Meredith