Pre-evangelism in New Iberia District

June 11, 2024

NEW IBERIA, LA. – Pre-evangelism work in the New Iberia district took the shape of a wellness seminar to prepare and equip our bodies and minds. Ninety people attended these seminars and demonstrations with at least 10 non-Adventist visitors. Many remarked what a great blessing they received. As we are drawing closer to the end of time, we understand that many disasters and sicknesses will arise, some old and many new. We, as a church, need to prepare to help our neighbors when in need.

Weekend seminars included: “How to Resolve Conflict” (enjoying good health by being happy and calm), “Mind Cure” (changing our mindset to be in harmony with God and how positive relationships affect our health) and “How to Grow Your Church.” On Saturday evening we saw demonstrations on common illness causes and treatments, followed by a financial health seminar. 

Sunday morning found the group doing hands-on activities as they learned about the blessings of a flu balm, footbaths, green smoothies, throat compresses using cayenne and cabbage for swelling and other interesting and important natural remedies. God has given us food and herbs to use for healing. 

We want to thank the teams from Wellness Secrets in Decatur, Ark., for coming to teach us and demonstrate many of these remedies. People were given the opportunity to consult with one of the teams from Wellness Secrets regarding their individual needs. You can contact Wellness Secrets at 479.752.8555.

By Mateo Ramirez