Pursuing Righteousness

April 10, 2023

ODESSA, TEX. – The Odessa English Seventh-day Adventist Church is rejoicing after the baptisms of Jabari Campbell, Cesar Silva, Jr. and Breanna Silva. All three are a part of the Odessa Light Bearer’s Pathfinder Club and are actively taking part in church services and ministries. 

Since he was a little boy, Cesar wanted to be baptized. “I was happy that it was finally happening, and I liked studying with my dad,” said Cesar. He was also excited to be baptized alongside his sister Breanna. Both Cesar and Breanna attribute their father as being the greatest influence in their lives. After joining his father’s Bible study, Cesar now feels more confident when speaking with other people. 

“Without him, I wouldn’t be at this point,” said Breanna. “He has helped me be a better person in my life.” 

Breanna had also been wanting to get baptized and felt like the experience was building up to that moment and it was very exciting for her. Breanna’s encouragement to anyone who is considering getting baptized is, “prepare for it and be willing.”

Jabari Campbell’s friends at church positively impacted him in making his decision. “Seeing all the baptisms happening was inspiring,” said Campbell.

The Bible studies for the baptism process also made him “happier and happier.” The most influential person in Campbell’s life is his grandmother and he admires her hard-working spirit. He is also grateful to the Pathfinders in his church for helping him learn more about God. 

The Odessa church is praying for these young people and welcomes prayer for their youth during their walk with Christ.

By Natalie Baeza