Rallying Together: SVA Shines at SWAU Hoops Classic

April 10, 2024

CORRALES, N.M. – The month of January holds a special significance for the Sandia View Academy (SVA) community, as it marks a time when students, staff and supporters come together to showcase their team spirit and backing for the school. 

It is also when the basketball teams from SVA get a chance to shine at the Southwestern Adventist University (SWAU) Annual Hoops Classic Basketball Tournament, held in Keene, Tex. This year, 27 players from both the boys and girls basketball teams made the journey to Keene for the 28th run of the tournament, which some refer to as Keene’s own version of March Madness.

Naomi Martinez, a senior on the SVA girls basketball team, shared her heartfelt emotions about the tournament, revealing, “On my way home, I cried because I knew it was the last time that I would play in Hoops.” For her, the tournament was more than just a competition. She emphasized the joy of the experience, noting, “It’s been so much fun. You meet so many people and engage in the spiritual side of SWAU through vespers. Worshiping God is one of my favorite parts. It’s life-changing.” 

With 46 teams participating from across the United States, the tournament spanned four days, with each team competing in either the big school or small school bracket. The highlight of the event was the championship games held on the final night.

SVA teams put on good performances throughout the tournament. The Lady Knights secured third place, returning home with a trophy, while the boys team clinched the top spot in their category.

“Seeing both the boys play in the championship and the girls competing for a trophy felt rewarding,” says Martinez. “It validated that all our hard work was worth it.” 

The Texico Conference expressed immense pride in the accomplishments of the Knights and Lady Knights. Phil Robertson, Texico Conference executive secretary/treasurer, highlighted the teams’ displays of skill, sportsmanship and grace, remarking “Throughout this recent tournament, both teams exemplified excellence in representing the Texico Conference and demonstrated Christian sportsmanship and we are very proud of each one of them.” 

For many parents and students, the tournament is a highlight of the year, offering excitement and camaraderie. The Texico Conference extends its gratitude and congratulations to all supporters, including coaches, parents, teachers, pastors and alumni, for their steadfast encouragement.” Robertson emphasized the evident sense of SVA Knight pride and community spirit that filled the event, expressing profound gratitude for being part of such an exceptional community.

“SVA has such an impact on people that the community goes out of their way to support,” says Martinez. “I am sad that this was my last tournament. However, I am excited to go next year to see my brother play and experience it as a supporter.”

By Debby Márquez
Communication Director