Revitalizing Church Ministries and Events

October 24, 2023

EL PASO, TEX. – In the ever-evolving landscape of church ministries and coordinated events, the El Paso Central and El Paso Northeast Seventh-day Adventist churches recently introduced a new concept in the hopes of revitalizing the way they plan their activities. In July, the churches held a calendar party and offered a dynamic solution that fostered collaboration, accountability and a renewed sense of purpose.

Over the years, countless efforts have been invested in nominating committees, carefully selecting individuals to lead ministries in the hopes that they will contribute meaningfully to the church and its outreach. However, midway through the year, church leaders find themselves with little more than a name on a list and minimal activity that affects the church or community. The calendar party aimed to change this by providing an engaging platform for ministry leaders to strategize and coordinate their efforts.

During the gathering all ministry leaders and their teams converged, prepared with their annual calendars. The event encouraged leaders to outline their upcoming ministry events and strategies while collaborating with leaders from other ministries. The very act of preparing an annual calendar encouraged ministry leaders to think ahead and plan strategically. Although the calendar might have been subject to changes, having a roadmap in place fostered a proactive approach to ministry planning.

The use of a large communal calendar provided a comprehensive overview of the entire year. This inclusive view incorporated church-wide events such as communion, potlucks, evangelism initiatives, school events and conferences. 

The results were remarkable. The relatively simple process of bringing ministry leaders together resulted in a comprehensive calendar that avoided scheduling conflicts and overlaps. The cross-referencing of events became seamless, and the leaders’ renewed energy propelled them to embark on a successful year of impactful ministry.

The calendar party represented a shift in the way the El Paso Central and El Paso Northeast churches are approaching ministry planning and coordination. By fostering strategic thinking, promoting a positive atmosphere, providing a comprehensive overview and nurturing collaborative synergy, this approach has the potential to invigorate activities and enhance community outreach. It also moves the churches one step closer to becoming centers of impactful and compassionate ministry, thereby embodying the love and teachings of Jesus Christ.


By Ray House