Right You Are!

February 13, 2024

ORLANDO, FLA. – “Right you are! That’s right! Correct for ten! Yes!” These were some of the many words of affirmation heard on Oct. 28, 2023 at the 40th National Bible Bowl Championships, which was held at the Mt. Sinai Seventh-day Adventist Church in Orlando, Fla. Thirty-one teams from 11 conferences across the United States and Canada participated. The Southwest Region Conference (SWRC) had four teams at the event. 

The four teams advanced from their local Youth Federation and then on to the SWRC championships which took place at the 2024 Camp Meeting at Lone Star Camp in Athens, Tex. Out of the North Central Texas Youth Federation, three teams from the Metro Community Seventh-day Adventist Church of Arlington, Tex., represented the Southwest Region Conference: the Pre-Junior Division (ages 6-9, pictured top right), the Junior Youth Division (ages 10-15, pictured top left) and the Senior Youth Division (ages 16-22, pictured bottom right). Out of the Capital Cities Youth Federation, the Fondren Seventh-day Adventist Church of Houston, Tex., represented the Conference in the Adult Division (ages 36 and up, pictured bottom right).

The Metro Senior Youth Team made it to the championship game, ultimately finishing first runner-up to the Canadian Senior Youth Team from Ontario. The Pre-Junior, Junior Youth and Adult teams all finished second runner-up in their divisions. This is a great accomplishment as it was the first year many were on the teams.

Bible Bowl is a ministry for all ages and is an opportunity to get to know the Word of God on a deep level and in a fun interactive way. If you would like to know more about this ministry, contact Maurice J. Turner, Southwest Region Bible Bowl coordinator, at BibleBowlSouthwest@yahoo.com or call 817.925.9569.

The Bible Bowl books for 2024 are Pre-Junior (ages 6-9): Genesis and Luke; Junior Youth (ages 10-15): Genesis, Luke, Judges and Ephesians; Senior Youth (ages 16-22): Genesis, Luke, Judges, Ephesians and Jude; Young Adult (ages 23-35): Genesis, Luke, Judges, Ephesians, Jude and 1 Kings; Adult (ages 36 and up): Genesis, Luke, Judges, Ephesians, Jude, I Kings and Galatians.

By Maurice Turner