Roswell Celebrates Two Baptisms and a Wedding

August 16, 2022

ROSWELL, N.M. – This past spring, the Roswell English Seventh-day Adventist Church was blessed and thrilled to celebrate two baptisms and a wedding. Katia Gomez was baptized on March 19, and Elizabeth Chavez was baptized on April 2. Katia and Mauricio Velazquez were also married on April 2, in a small legal ceremony and said their vows before relatives, friends and Roswell church members on April 16. 

Elizabeth Chavez was raised in Roswell and Lubbock, Tex., and is a sophomore in high school. She plays on Junior Varsity and Varsity soccer teams and her plans are to attend the University of Michigan to study cardiology. Chavez has dreamt of attending UMich since she was in the sixth grade. She knows that no matter where she goes, God is her faithful companion. 

“The day I got baptized is the day that I accepted the Lord as my Savior,” said Chavez. “I knew that day that wherever I am, the Lord will always be with me.” 

As for Katia Gomez and Mauricio Velazquez, they too have felt God’s presence and leading in their lives. 

“March and April were definitely busy months filled with happiness,” said Gomez. “I am blessed to have been baptized and then married to the love of my life.”

After six years of a long-distance relationship, Gomez and Velazquez got engaged in February of this year. On April 2, Ken Davis married the couple in a small court ceremony with their parents and a few witnesses. The couple hosted their official wedding ceremony on April 16 and Jonathan Gonzalez officiated the bilingual ceremony. 

“We were more than blessed to see everyone who cares for us cheering us on,” said Gomez. “Having God as the center of our marriage is the reason for our unity. Love triumphs and as 1 Corinthians 13 says, love conquers all.”

Velazquez agrees. “We dreamed of this moment, and it was extraordinary, way better than we could have thought,” he said. “God has blessed and guided us since we first met, and He continues to bless our marriage with each passing day.”

Also memorable for Gomez was the day of her baptism. “My baptism was a true blessing! Knowing that I would continue to grow closer to God was what excited me the most,” she said. “Having my church family close was an addition to the blessings that God was already providing. That day I knew that God was by my side, and He will continue to strengthen me.”

It goes without saying that the Roswell church is very proud of these two young women. The church is very happy to welcome them and Velazquez into the Roswell church family.


By Tom Jordan