Searcy Women’s Ministries

June 11, 2024

SEARCY, ARK. – The Searcy Seventh-day Adventist Church held a women’s ministries program in March called “Ignite Your Prayer Life,” by Debbie Miller. Prayer is a necessity for the Christian. Prayer is an opening of the heart to God as a friend. Jesus Himself was our example, arising early on a daily basis to pray. Prayer ignites your life in four ways: change, hope, unity and forgiveness.
We also focussed on five important women of the Bible: Priscilla, Dorcus, Ruth, Deborah and Hannah. Each was used by God and gave us lessons in faith, charity and perseverance. Christine Harmon was recognized for her many contributions to various projects. She has been faithful through the years by making colorful crochet hats for Carti and St. Jude Hospitals.

By Jane Huff