Taking Personal Responsibility in Texarkana
August 18, 2020

TEXARKANA – Thinking of stewardship, my mind immediately jumps to the financial aspect, and even though our church members are faithfully supporting with tithes and offerings in this time of trouble with COVID-19, my thoughts now turn to our local leaders and their faithfulness in their service to the members, to the sanctuary and with other responsibilities. These leaders still have had to get the job done without the assistance of their usual teams. I am so grateful for their faithfulness and the understanding of the members who have adhered to the guidelines supplied by our conference. I am amazed at those attending and expressing their appreciation to those ministering to needs as they follow COVID-19 guidelines.

Thinking about the theme of stewardship and taking personal responsibility, a large picture of faithfulness flashed through my mind. Thank you, Texarkana church members, for the continued financial support, the cleaning and sanitizing, the prayerful phone calls and the continued time spent in prayer teams and studying. Thank you for understanding what the church board has agreed to do to keep you as safe as possible. Thank you for recognizing the real enemy and showing your support to your local leaders, your pastor and the conference. Our personal responsibility as a good steward covers every part of our lives as we minister to our own families and our church family.

By Lorretta Johnson
Photo by Virginia Arnold

Texarkana member Dawn Domanski weeds around the church’s flagpole.