Texico Schools See an Increase in New Students

January 1, 2022

CORRALES, N.M. – Several Adventist schools serving the Albuquerque area saw an increase in enrollment this academic year. Texico Conference administrators believe new parents and students were motivated to choose the Adventist schools due to their commitment to “in-person” learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We are so blessed that, despite the pandemic, we are seeing some of our schools at full capacity and some have waiting lists,” says Lee-Roy Chacon, Texico Conference president. “We have done our best to keep our school doors open, while trying to avoid many of the educational stresses that come with trying to learn at home.”

Sandia View Academy (SVA) and Sandia View Christian School, both located in Corrales, and Crestview Seventh-day Adventist Academy in Albuquerque are the three schools that saw an increase in their enrollment. As the only private Adventist academy in the state of New Mexico, SVA was excited to enroll 10 new students this year. 

Several parents of the new students mentioned that they heard how the schools successfully handled pandemic learning last year while most schools only offered online instruction. They then looked into the Adventist curriculum and found it inviting.

“There is no question that kids growing up these days don’t have it easy, the pandemic is having its share of effects,” said Chacon. “We see our schools as mission fields. The best thing we can do as administrators and educators is to continue sharing the love of Christ above everything else.” 

“The Texico Conference is dedicated to ensuring that students who attend our schools receive a high-quality Christian education. We are grateful to our dedicated teachers and staff for going the extra mile each year,” said Chacon. “We thank the parents who have entrusted us with their children. We hope they have a positive experience and will stay for years to come.”