The Bible Comes Alive in Heber Springs

December 19, 2023

HEBER SPRINGS, ARK. – The youth at Heber Springs Seventh-day Adventist Church are on fire for God! Angie Attaway has been on it this past year, teaching our kindergarten kids the core foundational truths from the Bible. Starting in Genesis with the miracle of creation week and Noah’s ark, then teaching them about Moses and the Ten Commandments. Introducing them to Jesus, walking the kids through His life, His love and how His sacrifice on the cross brought our salvation. Attaway pours into the kids every Sabbath, instilling the fact that God loves us. The teens at Heber Springs church often get involved with children’s church, practicing public speaking while aiding Attaway with teaching great morals to our children (and adults) through skits and plays. Pictured is Attaway with one of our teens performing a skit designed to promote the Bible as an actual library full of exciting and dramatic true stories that we should share with our friends. These kids are thriving under her loving instruction.

By Tasha Brock