The “Dinosaur Man” Visits the Gallup All Nations District

March 1, 2022

GALLUP, N. M. – Last November, the Gallup All Nations Seventh-day Adventist Church was thrilled to host renowned scientist Art Chadwick, Ph.D., for a series of lectures. Chadwick is a professor of Biology and Paleontology Specialist at Southwestern Adventist University. He also holds the title of director of a dinosaur research project in the Lance Formation of eastern Wyoming.

During this series of presentations, Chadwick shared the scientific evidence that supports Genesis and its explanation of the origin of the earth. Topics included “Dinosaurs and the Bible,” “How Did Life Originate?” “Why Does Creation Matter?” “Recent Discoveries in Paleontology”. In addition to these public presentations, Chadwick assisted the Gallup church youth in starting a Pathfinder dinosaur honor.

This series was a district-wide event and included many who attended via Zoom. Art Chadwick, dubbed the “Dinosaur Man” by his longtime friends, encouraged the youth to have faith in the Bible, as well as not to be confused by theoretically weak evolutionary theories. Besides the careful attention of more than 80 attendees, tasty meals were provided by the members and the support of the Texico Conference.

Those in attendance were also blessed with special music by Thomas Breece from the Gallup church and several songs by Megan Martinez from the Pie Town High Country Seventh-day Adventist Church. All present thanked God for scientists like Art Chadwick, who practice exemplary science and share their faith in God’s Word.

By David Merling, Pastor