The Great Escape Teen Prayer Conference

February 14, 2024

MOUNTAIN PINE, ARK. – Over 200 people crowded into Camp Yorktown Bay, Oct. 27-29, 2023, for The Great Escape Teen Prayer Conference. Cabins were full, the motel was filled up and the lodge was transformed into four “escape” rooms. Our guest speaker, Daniel Fornes, started out on Friday evening talking about the controversy that started in heaven and the freedom we lost through disobedience. Early morning worship at Town Hall was led by Jorge Diaz and Lanette Bieber. Werner Gil led out in the Sabbath School time and Daniel Fornes filled the worship time. After lunch the group was split into different groups and rotated through the Escape Rooms or attended Werner Gil or Lanette Bieber’s group activities. Although groups were limited to 10 persons, the Escape Rooms were busy and crowded with participants as they worked to unlock clues and figure out puzzles that would open the door for their escape. Ryan Gil spoke on Saturday evening and led out in basketball activities in the gym. The evening closed with ice cream floats and snacks. Each participant received a “Great Escape” cup and a junior devotional called, Into the Wild. Jesus is coming soon! Are you planning your escape? Have you found your key to the Great Escape?

By Sylvia Downs