Thousands for Tuition

Siloam Springs Supports Students With Rummage Sale
April 27, 2021

SILOAM SPRINGS, ARK. –  The Siloam Springs Seventh-day Adventist Church hosted yet another rummage sale for their worthy student fund, which helps six children from our church attend church school. We have two attending Ozark Adventist Academy and four attending Ozark Adventist School.

The annual rummage sale is usually held once a year, but the Holy Spirit put it upon the hearts of those at the Siloam Springs church to hold another one. Last August they raised over $3000! This time they raised over $2000! We know God was with us every step of the way.

The Siloam Springs church plans on having another sale during the summer. We had very faithful helpers and customers! We can’t think of a better way to spend our time, energy and money than on our kids being able to have a good Christian educati

By LaTara Reyes