Transforming Families: North Valley Church Celebrates Baptisms

June 20, 2022

ALBUQUERQUE – On April 16, nine people entered the baptismal waters during a special service held at the Albuquerque North Valley Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church. Among those baptized were five adolescents. The baptisms completed a week-long seminar focusing on transforming families that was given by Adly Campos. Campos is an international lay evangelist and family counselor. Adly and her husband, Jose Campos, former director of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Publishing Department, currently lead the independent ministry “Family Well-Being International.” 

During the week, Campos focused on topics pertaining to issues that affect families. She stressed getting back to the basics and prioritizing Jesus in the home to create a harmonious environment. She also made herself available for private counseling sessions for interested families. Campos did an altar call every night and, on one of the nights, the five young people made their decision to get baptized.

Ayden Covarrubias, 12, was one of the young men who answered the call. “What moved me was that she said we don’t have to live perfect lives,” said Covarrubias. “Jesus loves us unconditionally and I want Him to direct my life especially during my teen years.” 

The Albuquerque North Valley Spanish church rejoiced during the service and was thrilled to welcome the young and adult new members alike. 

“This week was exactly what we had hoped and prayed for,” said Saul Flores, pastor. “We saw a revival in our church families. Not only were Adly Campos’ topics about ‘Transforming Families’ important, but the counseling sessions were where souls were won and decisions for eternal life were made.”

Families, single mothers and fathers, couples, grandparents and future parents were greatly blessed throughout the week. Now, the church is looking forward to supporting the new members' spiritual journey that lies ahead and plans to provide in-depth Bible studies for those who are interested. 

“We saw the Holy Spirit manifest itself immensely. Nine precious souls gave their lives to Jesus, all for God’s honor, glory and praise!” said Flores. “Albuquerque North Valley Spanish church understands that strong families equal a strong church. Families are the center of society, of the church and of our nation. It is crucial that we take care of our families!”