Treating the Body and the Soul

Bringing New Light to the Community
August 17, 2021

EUREKA SPRINGS, ARK. – Abundant Health Wellness Center (AHWC) was established as a non-profit lifestyle treatment center in Eureka Springs, Ark., five years ago by two doctors, a dietitian and a motivational counselor. AHWC practitioners are committed to applying Biblical principles for the well-being of the whole person, cooperating with the Creator in His compassionate work of restoration and desire to help patients achieve their individual best health.

When COVID-19 hit, their doors never closed and God blessed. After four years of serving the community through lifestyle medicine and Bible study groups, the staff witnessed two patients get baptized in November 2020. Dana West is the registered dietitian at AHWC and volunteer Bible instructor. She is a graduate from the Lay Institute of Evangelism in Lady Lake, Fla.

AHWC is now open on Sabbaths also; not for medical consultations, but as a spiritual hospital known as Eureka Springs Seventh-day Adventist Fellowship. What began with a small Bible study of a few ladies in January 2020 has become a small group. “We are very excited about what we are learning, both for our health and from the Bible. I have learned more from Dana and Rex in the last year than I have since I accepted Christ as my Savior in 2016,” said Janice Dorsey at her baptism. Retired pastor Rex Frost is the volunteer pastor of the church plant. He also volunteers at the Rogers Seventh-day Adventist Church, which is sponsoring Eureka Springs Fellowship.

Eureka Springs Fellowship began January 2021 with a communion service. “I felt the presence of God; He was right here in the room. It is an amazing step of faith to surrender everything to God. I appreciated the preparation for communion. People think you go to church and have communion and then go on with life. Here, it is the beginning of a new life. I love it!” said Jenny Pierce, one of the original group members.

For more information about Abundant Health Wellness Center or Eureka Springs Fellowship, visit or call 479.363.6585 or 471.459.5201. AHWC is also on Facebook and YouTube.

By Nancy Riedesel