Triumphs in Evangelism Across El Paso

February 13, 2024

EL PASO, TEX. – In a collaborative effort led by the Southwestern Union and Texico Conference to support El Paso churches in their mission, several Spanish congregations hosted a series of impactful evangelistic meetings spanning 2022 and 2023. The initial meeting took place at Montana Lee Seventh-day Adventist Church as part of a district gathering led by Osvaldo Rigacci, Southwestern Union vice president of multicultural ministries, from Oct. 1-7, 2022, resulting in 22 baptisms.

The following May, Montana Lee church welcomed psychologist Daniel Perales, who led a district meeting. In June, Luis Prieto spoke at events held at Montana Vista Seventh-day Adventist Church. Then, in September, José and Adly Campos, evangelists and international speakers, led discussions for the district’s men and women, culminating in strengthening the families at El Paso West Seventh-day Adventist Church. Plans for October brought Amado Sánchez to Montana Vista church, and Luis Prieto back to Montana Lee church. Together, these endeavors led to 53 baptisms in the district, all to the honor and glory of God.

Among these baptisms was a touching moment when a family of six, with an addition on the way—a father, expectant mother, three teenage daughters and a teenage son—were baptized upon discovering the truth of the gospel. Remarkably, the mother, nearly at full term in her pregnancy, opted to be baptized while seated in a chair with assistance from the deacons. Inspired by her example, her daughter, who had a fear of water, courageously entered the baptismal waters, accompanied by her younger sister. We are deeply grateful to God, the Southwestern Union, the Texico Conference and the local Spanish churches for their steadfast support in fulfilling this ongoing mission. As we press forward, let’s remember that Jesus is coming soon!

By Javier Grijalva