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Texico Conference Youth Rally Invites Coming Out Ministries
June 17, 2019

ALBUQUERQUE – Since taking over as the Youth Director of the Texico Conference in 2014, Michael Razon has been organizing at least two youth rallies each year. Razon’s goal is that these rallies will be experiences that not only touch young people but also offer potential life-changing outcomes.

“We are currently living in a world that is giving our young people a lot of mixed and harmful messages and I believe it is important that our events address topics that are relevant,” said Razon.

For that reason, Razon felt impressed to invite Ron Woolsey, co-director/founder of Coming Out Ministries, to speak at the April 19-20 Texico Youth Rally hosted by the North Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church. The event drew more than 100 youth from the Albuquerque area. On Sabbath morning, the North Valley congregation joined the youth and approximately 400 people were present.

“We are currently seeing a lot of young people in our churches who are questioning their identity and are struggling with sexual confusion. That is why we felt it was extremely important to invite Woolsey to speak to our youth,” said Razon.

On the first night, Woolsey shared his personal testimony and emphasized Coming Out Ministries’ mission which affirms that Christ works to restore all men and women and that He can bring restoration and liberty to those struggling with sexuality, identity or brokenness.

“What stood out most from his messages is that God does not love us for who we are but in spite of who we are,” said attendee Alexis Tarango.

Woolsey hopes his message resonated. “What brought me into the Seventh-day Adventist faith was our message of uncompromised truth,” said Woolsey. “I have a burden that our young people will embrace this message and share it with compassion rather than condemnation. That is the point that I was trying to get across and I think the young people got it.”

By Debby Marquez, Communication Director