Winning Souls for Christ

18 Baptized in El Paso Spanish Meetings
October 17, 2018

El PASO – In April, Javier Grijalva wrapped up a series of evangelistic meetings  in the El Paso Montana Lee, El Paso Montana Vista, and El Paso West Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Churches and one in an unlikely venue. “We have a new group that has started to meet in Tornillo, Tex.” said Grijalva. “The town is not very big, so we had no choice but to meet in their largest venue, a nightclub.”

Evangelistic meetings have been held in non-traditional venues before and attendees were focused on the Christ-centered messages. “We were thrilled that of the 18 baptisms, seven were from the meetings in Tornillo” said Grijalva.

More than 35 visitors attended the meetings presented by University of Montemorelos theology students Angel Morin, Johnton Joseph, and Andres Ortega, along with their professor Omar Velasquez.

“We are very happy for the work that God allowed us to do in His name,” said Grijalva. “We believe that this is only the beginning and God has many more blessings in store for the El Paso area.”

By Debbie Marquez, Communication Director