Young Adults in Texico

New Director Looks to Expand Ministry
October 17, 2018

ALBUQUERQUE – Exciting things are happening in the Texico Conference Young Adult Ministries Department. Since becoming the Young Adult Director in January 2018, Andre Arrais was surprised to hear that many young adults throughout the Texico Conference did not know that there was a ministry geared toward the 18-35 age group. Since then, Arrais has visited different regions throughout Texico to bring awareness of the ministry and is creating a network of young adult leaders from both English and Spanish churches.

With the help of many of these leaders, the Texico Young Adult Ministries presented a special Sabbath afternoon worship service on April 7, 2018. Nearly 100 young adults from the Albuquerque and Santa Fe areas attended the service and exceeded Arrais’ expectations.

“The fact that a significant number of young adults from both English and Hispanic churches attended this event speaks volumes of the potential we have as a ministry if we are willing to work together,” said Arrais.

In addition to this event, the young adults participated in their own program during the Texico Camp Meeting in June which included music, activities and powerful messages from guest speaker Tiago Arrais.

“Our goal was not to simply fill a gap. We wanted to offer something meaningful to our young adults,” said Arrais. “I believe we accomplished this during this weekend. I truly believe that those who attended our program will definitely be looking forward to the next year.”

By Debbie Márquez, Communication Director