A Different Approach

Adventist Fellowship Growing Amidst Challenges
October 29, 2020

TULSA – How does a church grow during a pandemic? This crisis has changed how we minister and have church. 

At Adventist Fellowship we had to leave our comfort zone and go forward with a different approach. We began to livestream our services, host Zoom meetings and increase our social media presence with exercise classes, devotionals and prayer meetings. We met outside of the four walls of the church and took our service to the members’ front yards and parking lots. 

Our focus began to shift to ministry outside of the Sabbath. The pastoral team became intentional in meeting our members’ families, friends and co-workers. The members began introducing the pastoral team to their circle of influence. As a result, we began meeting, hanging out and studying the Bible with them. In June, Nic Coutet, pastor, and Karol Mosebay, pastor, baptized 15 people. We are thankful to God, our awesome leaders, our wonderful members and our entire team. 

By Karol Mosebay, Pastor